Play station 2 slim

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Product Information
Sony Playstation 2 Slim, an upgraded version of the original Sony PS2, comes in a handy 1.1 inch by 23 inch by 6 inch portable size that makes it even smaller and lighter than a hardcover book. The Sony PlayStation 2 Slim includes a massive library of more than 1,800 games spanning every genre. What’s more is you can take the fun into the online world when you join multiplayer games for free. With the Sony PlayStation 2 Slim’s built-in Ethernet and modem ports, you can play select titles with your friends or challenge other players from halfway across the world. The DUALSHOCK 2 analog controller is the software that offers a intuitive gaming experience that brings you right to the center of the game. Feel the explosions, punches, car bumps, and air crashes as all of these come alive with the pressure sensitivity that’s built into the action button. Enhanced mobility is also a plus with the analog thumbsticks. You won’t only see but also feel the action. This gaming console’s system also comes with a built-in CD/DVD player that lets you watch your favorite movies on DVD sans the bulky player and stereo combination. Don’t forget that it also comes with the license to listen to your favorite tunes from your CD collection. Bring out the compact discs, and enjoy great audio in one compact system. Its Dolby Digital sound gives you the ultimate surround sound system to further enhance the overall show and audio experience. When it comes to mobility, there’s a way to store Sony PlayStation 2 system games to a memory card. Copy and save game data from one memory card to another, and have the option to delete it once you no longer need it. The unit’s front panel features two memory card slots, two controller ports, two ports for the USB hard drive, and power and disc-eject buttons. It also features a dedicated infrared receiver that lets you control the gaming console’s CD/DVD functions without losing one of the controller ports to an IR-receiver dongle.

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