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The Sony PlayStation 2 game console, was released in the year 2000 by Sony Computer Entertainment. The launch of the PlayStation ushered in a whole new era of gaming. It carries over features from the previous model, such as the DualShock controller. The thick exterior shell helps this Sony Computer Entertainment device ward off damage. The design of this device also makes the system resistant to liquids. This gaming console is equipped with powerful hardware that was designed to build upon the original PlayStation. In addition to increased graphics, the Emotion Engine also powers other aspects in your PS2 games. This powerful CPU allows each game to have increased artificial intelligence and better physics. The Sony PlayStation 2 console can output high-definition resolutions on your TV using the component video input. The Sony PlayStation 2 console also has composite and S-Video video connections. These connections allow you to hook the device up to a CRT television. You can even connect the PlayStation 2 to your computer monitor using the VGA video output. A digital audio port lets you connect the PS2 to your surround sound setup. This Sony device reads audio CDs, letting it double as a stereo. This Sony console release also has a DVD drive that allows it to play any DVD movie inserted into it. The PS2 also features online capabilities. The online component allows you to play a game with gamers from all over the world. The PS2 supports a wide array of gaming accessories, including both memory cards and headsets. The DualShock 2 retains the force feedback of the original controller but improves upon it. This gamepad now features multiple levels of vibration, providing a greater feel of immersion. The shape of the gamepad is ergonomic and won't leave you with hand cramps even after an all-night gaming session. The cable on the DualShock 2 is 7 feet long, allowing you to sit at a comfortable distance from the TV while you play

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