All-In-One Baby Pacifier

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Our All-In-One Baby Pacifier offers a quick and extremely effective solution to your baby's needs, and does so in a very safe manner!

✔️ A Pacifier, Feeder, & Teether For The Price of One!

✔️ Allows Very Small Amounts of Food To Pass To Prevent Choking

✔️ Holds Fresh Fruit, Vegetables, Puree, & Breast Milk

✔️ Relieves & Soothes Irritable Gums To Eliminate Discomfort

Introduce Your Baby To Solid Foods Safely Today!

Introducing solids is one of the many exciting milestones in a baby's first few months of life. The look on their faces upon tasting something other than milk is priceless (and adorable)! This convenient baby food feeder offers a safe and easy way to feed your baby, whether it's store-bought jars of puree or homemade baby food. It has small holes at the bottom, which allows food to pass through in safe and digestible amounts, and an on-the-go cap perfect for travel or preserving the food in the fridge for later! 

With the snap-tight closure locking system, your baby can safely use this feeder without any risk of opening, meanwhile, it is easy as 1-2-3 for parents to place food inside!

  • Small Handle is Perfect For Babies To Grasp While Using
  • Accelerates Self-Feeding Habits
  • Ideal For 6+ Months of Use
  • FDA Tested & BPA-Free!
  • Super Easy To Clean 

Don't like it? We'll be sad, but we will take it back. Refunds are 100% Guaranteed.

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